Sony Rumored to be Prepping Weird Egg-Shaped Music Player

Sony doesn't want to let its venerable Walkman brand die, and we're hearing rumblings of a new MP3 player the company is preparing under that age-old banner. The player's allegedly code-named "Rolly," and all we've seen of the nascent product is this close-up of its user interface that's part of a leaked video that was quickly concealed. Besides being egg-shaped and having built-in speakers, it's also said to have a few even more-eccentric features.

One French source mentioned something about choreography, suggesting that the player could have some sort of motion-activated features on board. All we know is that an egg shape is not going to fit into the pocket very well, a subtle hint that this next attempt at domination of the music player world may be yet another stupid flop from that hapless four-letter-word outfit known as Sony. But let's reserve final judgment—we may be seeing real product by the end of the month. [Pocket Lint]


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