Sony’s MDR-NC300D Headphones Brings Their Digital Noise Canceling To Earbuds

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Sony's MDR-NC300D digital noise canceling earbuds use the same technology found in Sony's top of the line, and very much respected, MDR-NC500D over the ear headphones, and at $300 these earbuds ain't cheap but they might actually be worth it.

Sony claims these earbuds have 98.4 percent ambient noise reduction, which is the result of their digital high-quality noise canceling technology. Using the same AI feature found in the over the ear bigger brother, the earbuds will have three noise canceling settings geared for plane, bus/train and office. The earbuds are powered by one AA batter with an approximate 20 hours of batter life and feature volume control and monitor button on the battery holder / controller.


The MDR-NC300D will be available next month for a whopping $300, but seeing how good their over the ear MDR-NC500D are for frequent flayers, these earbuds might be the right buy. For the right person that is...