Sony VAIO FZ Laptop Adds HDMI Out, Penryn Processor

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The Sony FZ VAIO now comes with a T8100 Penryn Processor and HDMI out. The LT is selling for $2200.

Media Alert: Sony Transforms PCs into Ultimate Dream Machines

Subject: New VAIO PCs Feature Supercharged Models

Body: Sony today announced it would be shipping super-charged versions of its VAIO® PCs. Dubbed VAIO Premium, these units will empower users with lighting-fast processing speeds, massive amounts of storage, and innovative technologies to improve performance.

Fueling these dream machines will be the new Intel® Core™ 2 Duo Processors— T9000 and T8000 series. Among the very first to ship with these chipsets, these PCs will provide business travelers and multimedia enthusiasts alike with unparalleled power and multi-tasking capabilities. The result: high-definition content management, fast-paced gaming and performance like never before.

High Performance High-Def

VAIO FZ485U Premium Notebook: This portable, multimedia notebook features a 15.4-inch XBRITE-HiColor™ widescreen display and is HDMI equipped to output to HDTV in Full HD 1080. Doubling as a mobile high-definition movie studio, it utilizes the latest Intel Core2 Processor T8100, 4 gigabytes of RAM, a 256 megabytes dedicated graphics card and Blu-ray Disc technology for viewing and managing HD content. The FZ notebook is priced at about $2,200.

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the fz series is always awesome, the design is sturdy and solid, yet still thin. Its almost has the ascetic feel of a macbook (almost) but it has the functionality of a high end pc (hdmi out, media card readers, more than 2 usbs!!) i guess a macbook does have the magsafe power adapter which is wayy wicked, maybe one day sony will catch onto that