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To (badly) paraphrase Stephen Colbert, the truth has a known anti-Sony bias. What with the all the various difficulties in meeting shipping numbers thanks to the Blu-ray disc system, it's nice to see them actually admit some mistakes in their execution. Sony's VP Phil Harrison says:

...we have overreached in production of the Blu-Ray component - I can't deny that. "But that's the price you pay for adopting brand new, leading-edge technologies that will be future proof. We will resolve those issues - we are already catching up. We will continue to catch up on the production, and as you know, we haven't changed our full-year forecast of six million units [by March 2007], so we're only talking about a ramp-up issue. We're not talking about the fundamental design of the product itself."


Honestly, we hope it's true. For both their sake and ours. In a few years nobody will know or care about Sony's shortages, but they will be glad they can watch Blu-ray DVDs in their console without having to buy an add-on.

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