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Sony Wants Your Cat To Use Twitter, Too

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

When we said we thought Sony has lost its way, we didn't mean for them to go and invent a tweeting-cat-device. However, their science laboratories research arm has shown off just that. Sigh.

While lifecasting devices already exist for cats and dogs, this "lifelogging" device contains an accelerometer, GPS and camera—a bit like Microsoft's SenseCam, which I reviewed a few months back.


However, Sony's toy can actually tweet the results to a particular Twitter profile for the cat, using the data gained from the sensors to declare what the cat is getting up to—sleeping, eating, that sort of thing. In the future, Sony hopes the camera could even recognize other cats' faces, with updates along the lines of "just sniffed the bum of Tinkles next door" being posted to Twitter. The data is sent to a PC first over Bluetooth, and then the tweet is created. [Tech-On]