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Sony X1000 OLED Touch Walkman's Specs Spilled Like Guts and Stuff

Illustration for article titled Sony X1000 OLED Touch Walkmans Specs Spilled Like Guts and Stuff

Sony Style Hong Kong has done us the favor of spilling all the specs behind the fancy X1000 Walkman with OLED touchscreen and web browser Sony announced at CES. I almost want one.


It's got 32GB of storage, uses the same NetFront browser as the PSP, plays all of the major audio (MP3, AAC, WMA, not OGG) and video (AVC, H.264, MPEG4, WMV) formats, and its built-in digital noise canceling has a noise suppression ratio of 17dB. Oh yeah, Windows only.


It looks like Sony gets a lot of little things right, which bodes well, since it's the little thing that are usually Sony's undoing. Check out the full spec splooge here: [Sony Style]

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Is the housing made out of recycled materials? why else does it have this strange texture? it looks like black polystyrene