Sony's Android Tablet Just Got $100 Cheaper

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Sony's weird-looking—but pretty good!—Tablet S has only been out for four months, and Sony's already slashing the price by $100. It seems Sony, like other manufactures, was a tad optimistic on what people are willing to pay for an Android tablet.


That Sony was quick to recognize that is good news for you; if you're in the market for an Android tablet you could do a lot worse than the Tablet S at this price point.. Head over to Sony right now and you can pick up the 16GB version of the 9.4" tablet for $399. The 32GB version now costs $499. [Sony via Maximum PC]



I don't think I've ever seen a hardware line flop so hard as the tablet market has, in respect to manufacturers' expectations, that is. HP, Sony, Blackberry, and co. are so serious names, and they've put considerable heft behind these products, but they're learning lessons the hard way. In HP's case, the hardest way.

I have a 1st gen iPad (I leave it with my mom when I go off to school) and there's something about it that draws the tech-unawares. They don't utilize iPads to their full potential, (like rarely updating apps or not using multitasking), and that fact, I believe, keeps them away from Android tablets with (announcer voice) greater processing power, more cores, and a super dazzling name. By a logical stance, the market should have leveled out at least a little bit over the tablet playing field, especially when many models are high quality, but that simply isn't the case.

I'd like to do an in-depth study on tablets, their target audiences, and their acceptance. It's all very interesting.