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Yeah, they've got 240Hz "Flow Motion", but the draw of the 46- and 52-inch ZX5s is their super-slim 15.8mm and 16.6mm frames. That's partly due to their edge-mounted LED-backlighting, but also because they receive 1080p video via a wireless receiver.

Though the existing 40-inch ZX1 is just 9.9mm thin, it only supports 1080i wireless video and 120Hz.


Almost all the ZX5's inputs (4x HDMI, 2xD5/Component, S-Video, VGA) are built-into the wireless hub, which also has an Ethernet port for Internet streaming and DLNA media sharing.

The ZX5s are expected to hit Japan in November, and there's every chance we'll see them pop up at the CEDIA show in Atlanta this week. Hopefully we'll find out U.S. pricing at that point, but given last year's 40-inch ZX1 was about $4500, you know they ain't gonna be cheap. [Sony Japan via Impress (translated)]

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