Sony's Cybershot Exmor Ad Is Laughably Unfair

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The best part is, I don't even know to whom. Future camera buyers? Other cameras? To Sony's own Exmor-equipped point-and-shoots, which got this instead of a respectable marketing campaign? In any case, this is dumb. Let us count the ways!


1. It's a "simulated image"
2. The "conventional sensor" side of this scene looks like a slum; the Exmor half has a big, bright, beautiful building in it
3. The left panel was snapped through a very fast F2.4 lens. The right? Who knows, since it's not real.
4. We have no idea how long the exposure was. It could've been two minutes at ISO 50, for all we know.
5. It's a "simulated image"

If your new sensors are really, truly good in low light, there are really simple ways to show that, no Photoshopping needed. Come on guys, you're not selling a Slap Chop. [BoingBoing Gadgets]