Slap Chop Remix Breathes New Life Into Worthless Gadget, Vince's Career?

DJ Steve Porter is trying his hardest to revive the career of Vince. You remember Vince, right? He's the ShamWow guy who got bitten by, and beat up, a hooker earlier this year.

Pretty catchy, no? Almost made me forget he got in a fist fight with a woman of the night and got arrested. Almost.

And sort of related to this, let's revisit Sean's question about As Seen On TV gadget junk, shall we? How's that Snuggie treating you? [YouTube - Thanks, David]


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As much as I think Autotune is a crime akin to murder, and Jamie Foxx, T-Painz, Kanye, Fergie, Justin Timerblake, etc et al... should be arrested, I find this is like Justifiable Homicide. Yeah, death was involved, but the world is a better and safer place b/c of it.