This Artist Is Redrawing a Tintin Book With Tintin Buck Naked

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This isn’t the first anti-colonialist reworking of Tintin, but it certainly has the most penises.

Hergé’s Tintin series is one of the most beloved comics in Europe, but the 1930s-era racial stereotypes and colonialist attitudes make a lot of modern readers uncomfortable. No Tintin book brings the squick like Tintin in the Congo, wherein our spit-curled hero meets blackface natives in what was then a Belgian colony. Hergé redrew parts of the comic in the 1940s to tone down the more extreme caricatures (and if something was too racist for the 1940s, it was pretty racist), but it remains the most controversial of Tintin’s many adventures.


Thomas Lebrun’s completely NSFW Tintin au Congo à poil (Tintin in the Congo in the Buff) is exactly the same as the Hergé original—except that Tintin’s clothes have been carefully removed in every panel. It can be interpreted as a statement about European colonialism and emperors with no clothes, but mostly it’s mind-boggling level of dedication to a gag.

Tintin au Congo à poil is still unfinished, possibly in part due to legal scrapes with Hergé’s publisher. But you can see the first 48 pages online. Beware: in addition to Tintin’s junk, this version includes all the unedited blackface caricatures from the original.


Via Metafilter.