4K video might be our inevitable future, but for now it's prohibitively expensive and rarely available. Sony's taking care of the latter part with its new VPL-VW1000ES projector—four times the resolution of 1080p (!) for mega, mega bucks.

Sony's many-charactered projector has some serious eyeball muscle: 2,000 lumens of brightness, the aforementioned insanely-high 4096 x 2160 output, and a lens capable of beaming out a 200-inch image. This sounds great! Except it costs "under" $25,000, which probably means very, very close to $25,000. If you're a person with $25,000 to spend on a projector, your retinas will be tickled. Well, at least they will be when you can find 4K video to play. Which might be a bit of a wait. At least the thing is gorgeous to look at in the meantime. [Sony]


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