Sony's Jack Tretton Talks About UMD, Rips Movie Studios

Many of us expected the a new PSP to have on-board storage to allow for a less UMD-reliant experience for music and gaming. In this clip, SCEA President and CEO Jack Tretton tells us what's gone wrong with UMD, and more importantly, how Sony plans on reviving the struggling PSP media format. He sorta lays the smackdown, so it's worth a watch. The only hole in his logic seems to be that Sony prices UMDs fairly high as well. [kotaku]



How exactly is memorystick a failed format. It is no different than the Toshiba/Olymps/Fuji XD format. On that note, SD isn't exactly a universal format - how many "versions" of SD exist on the market depending on the device that requires it? Every time a new requirement pops up SD appears in a new shape, negating my previous cards or requiring that I buy an adapter.

MiniDisc was quite successful in most of the world except for North America. What killed it was the MP3 player revolution, but that pretty much killed off the CD Walkman as well. Is the CD a failed format then?

Although Beta lost the home video war, it definitely won on the broadcasting front. Beta was heavily used for its superior picture quality by news broadcasters and television networks. It is still used, in the form of DIgitalBeta, by some broadcasters and by some film editors.

UMD on the other hand, was a bad move on Sony's part simply because it came at a time when static media quickly dropped in price and surpassed it in size. At a different time it could have been quite successful.