South Korea to Build Robot Land, Robots Rejoice in Electronic Bliss

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If there's one thing the world sorely needs it's some sort of place where robots can go to chat, find love, and make plans to destroy Humanity. Luckily, South Korea is well-aware of their plight and has announced plans to build "Robot Land" — a city entirely created for the robotics industry. The city will feature facilities for research, development, and production of robots — it'll even have a stadium for robot-related competitions, like the much-heralded "Who Can Malfunction And Kill Everyone First" contest.

The project will cost $530 million dollars and will begin construction sometime in 2009 — which is also the year North Korea begins construction on their very own "Crazy Killer Robot Land" — a land that may or may not have nuclear weapons. [WaziWazi via SciFi]