South Korean Police Raid Google Office

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Police in South Korea have raided the Google Korea offices today, seizing data captured by Street View cars to check for any illegality.


While in the US Google's alleged Wi-Fi snooping has lead to multiple state investigations, the issue's just now coming to ahead overseas. According to a statement by the South Korean police:

"We intend to find out what kinds of data they have collected and how much. We will try to retrieve all the original data illegally collected and stored through domestic Wi-Fi networks from the Google headquarters."

How seriously are Korean authorities taking the matter? For one, it's being investigated by the Cyber Terror Response Center. For another, they banged the doors down even when Google had been on record as saying they would cooperate with authorities both here and abroad.

It's another headache for Google—though not an undeserved one—and comes at a time when the company's already facing tough questions about responsibility and intent. [NY Times]



Seems like a good way for the SK authorities to not have to do the leg work themselves. Just let Google gather the data and take it.

BTW...what make the SK authorities think that Google keeps their data locally in their office?