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South Korean Soldiers Get Spam Hacked

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Apparently the Futurama movie wasn't riffing with dated material, because spam scams are still a real threat in the world—much of South Korea's military has fallen for an email virus that pulled information off individual soldier's PCs. And to address what you're all thinking right now: the catchy email subject had nothing to do with penis enlargement or princesses in need of temporary funding. Instead, soldiers fell for the old "Current state of the North Korean army's capabilities" headline.

While the military was tight-lipped about the attacks, Chosun Ilbo newspaper claims that the origin was China.


No confidential information was captured in the process, as these soldiers' PCs are only used for personal use (a.k.a., passing the time through Desktop Tower Defense and maybe the latest Victoria's Secret fashion show). And while South Korea boosts their spam filters, North Korea may begin sending out legitimate intelligence, just to spite their enemies. [smh via theinquirer]