SpaBerry offers what might be the first easily-portable hot tub we've seen, or at least the first portable hot tub with optional rainforest scenery decals. Anywhere you've got a 110V outlet and a hose, you've got romance, of a sort.

To be fair, these do look a lot more durable and well-built than a kiddie pool: They hold 125 gallons of water and seat two adults comfortably. They've got massaging jets, LED mood lighting, and drink holders, which basically means you're getting laid (seriously, take a look at the risque PG-13-rated ads on their site). While they are "portable" they also weigh 240 pounds without water, so you can't exactly drag it inside when it rains. On the plus side, you'll look way less trailer-trash lounging in one of these with a beer than you would in a kiddie pool.


The SpaBerry retails for $5000 in a variety of berry-inspired colors, including SnowBerry and SlateBerry which are not actual berries, I'm pretty sure. Giant stickers with palm trees and sunsets and rainforests cost $400 extra. [SpaBerry via CoolHunting]