Those who use Google Apps probably assume data is safer in a cloud than it is on a laptop, prone to being dropped and spilled upon. Spanning Backup says otherwise, offering data protection services against data loss on Google's end.


The service, priced at $3.95 a month or $39.95 a year after a free 30 day trial, will backup your calendars, contacts, and Google Docs files in case of a cloud catastrophe. How much danger is your Google-hosted data in? Spanning Backup claims "data loss and corruption is a serious problem for Google Apps users," though the list of complaints they point to on their site seems largely of the "Oh no I deleted all of my stuff by accident" variety.

Nonetheless, if you conduct serious business via Google Apps or store anything you would miss more than you'd miss forty bucks a year, Spanning Backup might be an affordable and hassle-free means of being confident in the security of your files once you close your browser. [Spanning Backup]
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