Specs Drop for Samsung's Touchscreen, WiMax UMPC SPH-9200

Straight from the translated Korean manual, we finally have some specs on Samsung's latest mighty morphin' UMPC, the SPH-9200. Not mind-blowing, but pretty solid. Besides a touchy screen and WiMax, inside of its flippy-foldy body is a Via C7-M CPU, 512MB RAM, 30GB HD, 20Whr or 40Whr battery (good for 2-2.5 or 5 hours, respectively), dinky 1.3 MP cam, Wi-Fi, WiBro and HSDPA, SIM card slot, 15-pin accessory port, port replicator, and a five-inch, 800x480 screen. But, still no price or word on a US release date. [UMPC Portal via Crave]


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