Speed Racer Battle Morph Mach 5 Slices, Dices, Still Finishes First

At first glance, Speed Racer's car looks like his normal Mach 5. But you make a click here, a snap there and BAM – you get battle morph goodness. Rocket boosters appear, saws pop out of the sidebody and you get an array of guns and grabbers. While Mattel calls it the Mach 5, the car's number logo has a 6. Seems like this is a Mach 6 that Speed might get later in the movie as opposed to his trusty Mach 5 (some of the movie stills also have a Mach 6 car). In any case, the Battle Morph Mach 5/6 can be pre-ordered over at BigBadToyStore for $42. [Toy News International via ToysREvil]


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