SplashTop Instant-On Linux OS Gets Hacked to Do More Tricks

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Splashtop, the instant-on Linux mini-OS found embedded in many Asus motherboards as well as the Voodoo Envy 133, has been hacked to allow installation of additional apps, access to the computer's main file system, and more. Initial impressions of the Envy have noted that Splashtop can go from off to surfing in 15 seconds with SplashTop (which Voodoo calls "IOS"), but out of the box it's somewhat locked down and only works with a predefined list of common applications. Being a Linux system, it's not that hard to believe that someone has successfully made SplashTop jump through some hoops, but it beats waiting for an official SDK, which has been delayed. Give it a shot on your SplashTop-capable machine if you're not afraid of a whole bunch of terminal messiness. [Phoronix]



How large is the flash chip in which it resides? If it's large enough to hold some useful recovery tools I'm in! It would be nice to not have to use my Ubuntu 8.04 Live CD every time I need to use gParted... A GRUB configuration tool would be nice too... I just need one of those dang mobos.