Spock Has A Sweet New Ride In Star Trek Movie

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Some new details about the starships in the new Star Trek movie have come out — and they answer a major nagging question about the movie's over-arching plot. It seems as though we'll be getting to see a variety of types of ships, including one you might not have expected. Details (and spoilers) ahead.

Even though we were led to believe the movie follows young Jim Kirk and friends as they grow through Starfleet Academy, the movie also spends a lot of time on the Enterprise, according to Trek Movie.

As in the series, the bridge on The Enterprise will be the primary set for the Star Trek film. And while we do get to see James Kirk (Chris Pine) take the helm we will also watch Christopher Pike (Bruce Greenwood) in command as well. Other areas on the Enterprise that appeared in filming include staple Trekkie locations such as crew quarters, sickbay, engineering, the long winding corridors and the transporter room.


Other filming locations and possible plot details include a run-in with the time traveling Romulans. Their ship will appear in the movie under the command of Nero (Eric Bana). According to TrekMovie's inside sources the Romulan ship will be different from the Romulan ships from Star Trek: The Next Generation. We'll also get to see an older ship, the U.S.S. Kelvin, plus one of its medical shuttles — and Jim Kirk's dad George is the first officer.

Meanwhile, there's been a lot of speculation about how older Spock (Leonard Nimoy) travels back through time. (Or whether he time-travels or just reminisces.) According to TrekMovie, Spock does time travel, in his own one-man Vulcan space/time ship. There's more set info and spoilery details at TrekMovie TrekMovie.com.