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Perhaps this will allow graffiti artists to become helpful in one way or another, but a spray-on computer is being developed at the Universities of Glasgow, Edinburgh, St Andrews and Strathclyde as a joint effort to create tiny specks that can peform computations and communicate somehow with applications. These "specks" as they're being called, will be embedded in objects and can detect things such as a problem in an aircraft wing or letting someone know when their medicine should be taken. Peep the idea:

Thousands of Specks, scattered or sprayed on a person or surfaces, will collaborate in programmable computational networks called Specknets. Scientists are even considering the idea of a putting the devices in a spray-can, allowing the Specks to be sprayed onto any surface.


Sounds useful enough to me. Although it's only a matter of time before Specknets form Skynet and take over the world and the governor of California steps up to the plate to defend us. By us I mean John Connor.

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