Spring Cleaning: Who Has the Messiest Desk of Them All?

It's officially spring, making it the time for spring cleaning. This week, we're doing a photo contest instead of a Photoshop contest. We want to see your disastrously messy desks.

Yes, finally you have a reason to show off your disgusting workspace rather than be ashamed of it. Simply take a picture of it and send it to me at contests@gizmodo.com. Name your file FirstnameLastname.jpg, please, so we know who to give credit to. And do me a favor and either have Gizmodo up on your computer screen or include a sign that says Gizmodo on it just so I know you didn't find it on the internet somewhere. Let's stay honest here, people.


Send in your epically messy photos to me by next Tuesday and I'll pick the most impressive as our top three winners and select the best of the rest for our Gallery of Champions.

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