Sprint Getting Treo 700w Next Month?

This is totally unconfirmed, but reader Ryan writes in saying that a Sprint phone service representative told him that Sprint was getting the Treo 700w in September!

I was reading treocentral chat about some suggestions on how to get discounts on my Sprint bill. I called up to try, and somehow got talking about if Sprint was ever going to release the 700w. To my shock he said he could confirm that it was going to not only be a carried by sprint, but it would be out in Sept. as in next month!

I asked for a specific day and he said that usually it would be at the tail end of the month but because of school starting it might be in the beginning. That last part is conjecture, but he told me for sure it would be released in Sept.


No official word yet, but since they're getting the Motorola Q in Q4 2006, it's not out of the question for them to have the Treo 700w as well.

Thanks Ryan!

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