Sprint Has Palm Pre Locked Up in U.S. for Entire Year

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After seeing the GSM Palm Pre at MWC this week, visions of the Palm Pre on AT&T might've started dancing in your head. Bummer for you, since the Pre is Sprint's exclusively for 2009.


CNBC says that according to the usual "person familiar with the matter," Sprint has locked up the Pre and thrown away the key in the US through at least the end of this year. Granted, if the Pre doesn't come out till June, which is looking likely, that's only about a six-month window of exclusivity, which is still much shorter than say, the iPhone, which is going on two years at this point.

Since the Pre is what's gonna save Palm (if it can), you can bet they're itching to put it on as many as carriers to make it available to as many people as possible to kickstart their new platform. Also, don't forget that the Pre is just the first of many WebOS phones, so there'll be plenty of other hardware running the multi-tasking wunderkind OS. [CNBC]



I don't get; it doesn't make sense. How does making it exclusive to the US make the Pre, Palms' savior? There's an entire European, Asian, American and African market to accomodate and delaying it even for 6 months would be lethal! Android phones are coming out by the dosen, WinMo 6.5 is just around the corner, and Apple could announce a new mobile any time now (well, theoretically). The WebOS has a strong competition out there and they're just limiting their market?