Sprint Instinct vs. iPhone: Revenge of the 3G (Guess Who Still Wins?)

Back when Sprint's $100 million shot to the iPhone's nuts kicked off, the Instinct had two big things it didn't: 3G and GPS. Now, the iPhone's got both of those, making the Instinct a non-contender, right? Not in Instinct vs. iPhone, 3G Redux. We won't, uh, spoil it for you, but guess who wins by Sprint's count with a bigger 3G network, turn-by-turn directions, and...sprinkles. Yes, sprinkles. [Sprint]


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This just reminded me of how crazy it was for Apple to go exclusive with one of the lesser powered mobile networks. It's like they have this thing for being the "little guy with cool stuff". Don't they realize that people are ready for them to take the market by storm and crush everybody else? Why do they (seemingly) instinctively hold themselves back?

Anyways, very clever of Sprint to take a shot at the iPhone in the middle of iPhone's 3G issues. Good timing - might sell some units even.