Sprint S30 'Mini' Is Just The New Instinct, Isn't Mini At All

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The Sprint/Samsung S30 'Mini', a presumed colleague of the existing Instinct, well, isn't. Nope, it's the replacement for the current Instinct, and if anything it's slightly larger than its predecessor.


Samsung Korea let slip a press release teasing their CTIA announcements, in which the S30 makes a clear appearance. Alongside its picture, we find two lonely nuggets of information: that the S30 will have a 3.2-inch screen, and that it has updated software. For reference, the original Instinct has a 3.1-inch screen, so shelve those 'Mini' fantasies (and for that matter, the odd notion that all handset manufacturers are planning to create teensy versions of their products).


So here's what we can infer from our little bit of data: the S30 is almost certainly just a newer, rounder Instinct, and will replace that years-old handset. The inclusion of its screen size as a banner feature in the preliminary press release indicates that there won't be anything groundbreaking, so unless the new software is something really special, Sprint's game is going to have to be price—as in, the lowering of. [Samsung Korea via Akihabara]

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sqeakytoy of the apocalypse

so, this one is for all the people out there who have actually owned one....

Would you actually recommend one to a friend? I am looking to get a new phone, and Sprint is really the only provider that I have had decent coverage with where I live.

I am also pretty broke at the moment.