Sprint Wants to Dump Nextel

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Fresh off, uh, fresh rumors that T-Mobile's making eyes at Sprint, the WSJ is reporting that Sprint is "seriously considering spinning off or selling its ailing Nextel unit." The Sprint/Nextel hybrid has basically been the poster child for train wrecks masquerading as mergers, with Nextel being much (but not all) of the heavy weight slowly sinking the USS Sprint. Here's three reasons Sprint should throw Nextel overboard and what it would mean for you.


First and foremost, Nextel is a massive, distracting burden for Sprint (it's got that old iDEN network to maintain, and is bleeding customers like a nasty, lacerated ulcer etc.) and anything that would make Sprint lighter and faster on its feet is a plus for its customers. Second, but not wholly unrelated, it would let Sprint concentrate on getting its WiMax ducks in a row. Third, losing all the weight would make Sprint even sexier to T-Mobile's parent, Deutsche Telekom, which is reportedly being urged by its shareholders to make a big acquisition. [WSJ, Sub req'd]


How will they break the news to her? Call her up on a push-to-talk phone, or maybe just send her a text message? Either way, Time Warner is watching closely to see how they could dump AOL.