Sprint Will Drive a New Phone To You, Just Pleeease Buy a Sprint Phone

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Sprint has seemingly tried everything to get people to sign up for its inferior smartphone plans. But since cheap plans with huge amounts of data haven’t worked, it’s going with gimmicks now.


The Wall Street Journal reports that the country’s struggling #3 carrier will begin testing a new program whereby phone upgrades will be delivered to you no matter where you are:

Under the program, customers who are eligible for upgrades or new phones will be notified via email or text message that they now have the delivery option. Phones will be delivered using 5,000 Sprint branded cars driven by contractors trained by Sprint, and customers can choose to meet the Sprint contractor at any location that’s convenient. The company declined to say how much it was spending on the program.


After delivering a sparkling new phone directly to your person, the contractors will help you get all set up with your new handset and walk your through various options.

The idea seems to be that an upgrade is the best way to lock you down for a couple more years to keep you from fleeing to Sprint’s low-cost competitor T-Mobile, which some people think will surpass Sprint in subscribers this year. And maybe it’ll work? I mean who wants to go pick up a phone on their lunch break?

But mostly, it seems like a desperate move by a desperate company that’s losing customers because it’s hopelessly out of touch. We’re talking the same company that’s taking over roughly 1400 of stores from bankrupt Radio Shack, just to keep its distribution alive in the wild. Radio Shack! Perhaps Sprint could take a cue from the insurgent T-Mo and provide better service by investing in infrastructure, and offering perks that people actually want.

Remember, phone delivery already exists: It’s called UPS.



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Annalee Newitz

How long before some disgruntled customer takes a Sprint delivery guy prisoner and demands better service?