Spy Camera Sunglasses Records What You See

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It's amazing to see the lengths that people will go to snoop on their fellow man. These sunglasses promise to record exactly what you're looking at thanks to a built-in video camera. The camera, which uses MPEG4 to encode video, has a 92-degree field-of-view. In practical terms, that means you don't even have to look directly at your mark in order to record. It's just a matter of time until creeps from sea to shining sea begin using these sunglasses at the gym, beach or supermarket, furthering their own sick, morally reprehensible ends.

Now, since these are supposed to be spy glasses, it can't look like you have a small SGI workstation on your person, lest you arouse suspicion. To that end, the small wire connecting the glasses runs through your shirt and into the included MP4 media device, which stores the video. There's no external battery source required for the sunglasses to function beyond plugging them into the MP4.


The Spy Camera Sunglasses are primarily being aimed at small business, so you may have a tough time buying just one. Here's hoping that the company doesn't mind my registering an obviously fake account (where would we be without lorem ipsum?) trying to obtain more information.

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