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Spyke Spy Robot: He's Alive/A Bit Creepy

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Am I the only one who sees "spy robot" and thinks "pervert cam"? Because since passing the age of nineteen twelve I learned that while they are interesting, spy gadgets have little use in my day to day, non-international superhero lifestyle.

Luckily Spyke has more functionality than a Wi-Fi webcam. The robot can also work as an MP3 streaming device, Skype phone, motion-activated surveillance cam or yet another reason your in-laws despise you and your lack of fiscal responsibility.

Apparently, you can control Spyke via PC locally or far away through the Internet. But at one foot tall and sporting florescent green detailing, we doubt that your female roommates won't notice as it crashes against the bathtub. Hit the jump for some TSFW video.


Available in the UK this April for $391. There are cheaper, easier and more ethical means to Skype and boobies, my friends. (But they probably won't be this much fun.)


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