Squirt Gun Fanboy Collects Every Super Soaker Ever

Illustration for article titled Squirt Gun Fanboy Collects Every Super Soaker Ever

This dude, for some unholy reason, owns every Super Soaker ever. I can't imagine anyone being insane enough to hunt down some 1988 special edition Super Soaker, but evidently, this guy is. Sure, this ventures into the world of strange, but we all have our own unhealthy obsessions, right?[Electro^Plankton via Geekologie]


I'm A Different Bird

Meh, what separates him from every other collector out there? Whether you collect stamps, comics, figures, Super Soakers, whatever, you're definitely not doing it for any practical value, but because it makes you happy. And if this is what makes him happy, why not?

Besides, I bet he throws some kickin' summer pool parties with all that hardware. I mean, I would.

Good on you, Super Soaker Guy.