SSDs Cost Half as Much as They Did in 2011, So It's Time to Upgrade

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While last years Thailand floods saw the cost of HDDs skyrocket, the price of solid state drives has been slowly dropping. In fact, since early 2011 prices have dropped on average by 46 percent.


Tech Report has taken a long and thorough look at the changing prices of SSDs, and the news is good: the drops in price has been steady, but significant. That's largely thanks to healthy, if aggressive, competition between big players in the market. Except on the part of Intel, which has shied away from discounting its drives.


While such competition shows no signs of stopping, that in itself is no reason to put off upgrading much longer. If you've been telling yourself you'd switch to SSD when it got cheaper, well, it did get cheaper. Upgrade already. [TechReport]

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SSD upgrade will also force me to buy a Time Capsule as I backup only when I connect my external drive to my macbook (once a week)

SSD's die without any warning...