Stackable Chess Pieces Hide a Rolled Up Leather Board Inside

Humans have been designing portable versions of chess for almost as long as the game itself has been played. But few designs are as elegant, or as compact, as this set from Raw Studio that rolls into a tube—complete with 32 chess pieces—that’s just 16-inches long.

The key to this set’s clever compact design are the chess pieces themselves, made from hand-polished stainless steel rings that have been cut to look like queens, kings, bishops, and the rest of your army. They all fit together like a stacking puzzle tube, with just enough space inside to insert the included leather chessboard when it’s all rolled up.


It would certainly make for amazing stocking stuffer this Christmas, but at just shy of $600 you’ll probably want to make it the star of the gifting show instead. [Raw Studio via Fancy]

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