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Wondering what particularly excites and entertains us? Find out by following Gizmodo and its staff on Twitter! You'll see all the goofy thoughts and photos you might not find on the site.

You can follow the main Gizmodo account—which happens to be one of the top ten most influential media Twitter accounts—and enjoy some of the entertainment provided by whichever Gizmodo staffer is running the account during a particular week. (In case you're wondering, this week's Gizmodo Twitter Master is Mr. Brian Barrett.)


If you're interested in keeping tabs on a few individual staff members as well, then you can follow any of the links below. Be aware though that those are our personal Twitter accounts and that the things we say don't necessarily represent Gizmodo or the opinions of our fellow staff members.

Oh, and don't forget that you can also follow the Gizmodo crew on Facebook for even more fun. You can find our fanpage links—along with some info about each person right here.


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