We're digging our commenters here. So much so, in fact, that we want to recognize some of the best commenters with our Star Commenter award, given to those who contribute to our site so much and so well they make this a better place for everyone.

Our first winner is one of our favorites, known here as strider_mt2k. Learning a little about him made us understand why he's such an excellent commenter with so many funny and appropriate remarks up his sleeve. He wears many hats. He's a renaissance man of tech whose career includes being a musician, a fingerprint lab technician, network engineer, building and designing surveillance vehicles, and even working at a RadioShack. In his spare time, he's a voracious Sci Fi reader, plays a few games on Nintendo DS and PS2, but games primarily on his PC. He's also an avid gardener, dabbles in robotics and holds a tech-class amateur radio license. Renaissance man, indeed. What's his commenting secret?

"I have made my share of blunders as a commenter, but I try to keep it light, mostly just improvising in some dated Gen-X pop culture or sci-fi reference where I didn't have anything better to add. I also tune out the noise for the most part. I love surfing The Giz."


So let's take a look at the comments of strider_mt2k, winner of our first Star Commenter Award. Thanks, man. It's a pleasure to have you here!