Who Is the WORST Commenter?

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Commenters! A lot of you are great. Some of you are terrible. It's hard for us to read every single comment on the site. So we'd like your help. Please tell us about the worst commenter you know, and please explain why you're nominating them for summary execution.

Be warned, if your nomination is not accepted—we don't want this to turn into a witch hunt, after all—you will be executed instead. But if it is, you'll get a star (if you don't already have one). So choose wisely!

(Hint: If you say Jesus, you'll get banned. Since he already was banned, his sins were forgiven then, so he can't be banned again. Update: His banning was apparently for one week. So he is no longer banned. But don't say Jesus.)


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I dont do the negative thing* but my vote for BEST goes to Kaiser Machead.

(Well, I do, but I call them an ass in response to their comment and then move on with my life and forget about it.)