Star Trek Betty Page for Your iPhone and Computer Desktop

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By popular demand, I've made the Vulcan Betty Page into a cool and sexy iPhone wallpaper, but also into a high resolution computer background series. You can get them all at io9

To add this as a background for your iPhone, hold your finger against the image and save the image when the menu appears. Then go to your album, select the image and use it as the background. [Vulcan Betty Page desktop backgrounds at io9]


(io9 desktop backgrounds are up now, sorry for the error. Theirs was scheduled for 10am Pacific. Fixed.)

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Commence Thread Jack/

I've seen this done on Jalopnik without consequence and I think I have reason to pull it off. As a longtime gizmodo reader and commenter, I think the biggest thing that irks me with all the changes of late, is not the facebookers but the removal of the preview button. Forgive me if I have lowered my situational awareness for but a moment but WHY, because I'm ASSUMING there was good reason, was the ever useful preview button removed. I can't imagine any real practical reason, with the sole exception that the giz is going to bite back with some superpreview button that also wipes your ass/makes your breasts bigger/grinds columbian coffee beans. But I've been waiting...I haven't seen any response to the dozens upon dozens of other gizmodo denizens, so I'm hoping to fill in this gap of knowledge, for me and others. Did someone inject a browser hijacking object into the preview button, or did the preview button fall victim to a snipers bullet in western Romania after the resurgence of the Bulgarian Mafia?

WHY giz, WHY?!

/threadjack out

PS wouldn't this be NSFW? She is pretty damn hot what with the artist's contributions, and I can still see nipple.....