Star Trek Movies To Tour With Live Orchestras Playing Their Music

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No matter your feelings on nu-Trek, this is very cool — for a limited time, Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness will have a limited re-release in which the scores for both films will be played live by an accompanying orchestra.

Unfortunately, the tour is extremely limited, although one of the showings just happens to be in San Diego during Comic-Con (Quelle coincidence!). Here are the dates and locations so far:

• May 24: Star Trek Into Darkness, KKL Luzerne (Lucerne)

• May 25: Star Trek, KKL Luzerne (Lucerne)

• May 29-31: Star Trek, Royal Albert Hall (London)

• May 30-31: Star Trek Into Darkness, Royal Albert Hall (London)

• July 18: Star Trek, Jones Hall (Houston)

• July 19: Star Trek Into Darkness, Jones Hall (Houston)

• July 26: Star Trek, Embarcadero Marina Park South (San Diego)

• July 31: Star Trek Into Darkness, The Mann Center (Philadelphia)

• March 21, 2015: Star Trek, Sony Centre (Toronto)

Personally, I find the movie selections themselves to also be unfortunate, but I love this idea. I'd pay good movie to go watch Star Wars or Empire Strikes Back with a live orchestra, or really any John Williams-scored movie. Here's hoping this catches on!


[Via The Dissolve]