Star Trek: Prodigy | Midseason Return Teaser Trailer (NYCC 2022) | Paramount+

The bulk of the trailer teases the chase between the Protostar and Admiral Janeway, who finds herself quite miffed that someone’s stolen a prototype Starfleet ship that used to be captained by her former first officer, Chakotay—even if the people who have are actually quite nice. So nice, that Dal and his friends have decided that even if they can’t go to Starfleet as technical criminals, they’re going to do their best to bring Starfleet’s ideals to the galaxy beyond its reach.


And they’re going to need that optimisim, judging by the fact that—as Janeway crews are wont to do, holo-Captain or otherwise—one of their biggest fights yet is going to be against the Borg.

Also announced at the panel? The Next Generation’s Ronny Cox would return to role as Captain—ahem, now Admiral—Jellico, in a regular guest role. Cox infamously appeared as the belligerent temporary captain of the Enterprise in the iconic two parter “Chain of Command.” Check out a picture of his animated admiralty in all its glory below.

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Image: Paramount

Star Trek: Prodigy’s kids will need all the help they can get when the series returns to Paramount+ October 27.

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