Star Wars Completists Will Want To Add Luke's Lost Hand To Their Collections

Some Star Wars collectors only hunt down the figures for characters they like, while others strictly go after the rare finds. But for those who consider themselves completists, and want the action figure for every last character in their collection, Luke’s severed hand is finally up for grabs.

After Darth Vader cuts off Luke’s hand at the end of The Empire Strikes Back, the lost appendage plummets off of Cloud City and was presumably lost forever. But that doesn’t mean that missing hand wasn’t an important part of Star Wars lore, and now thanks to custom figure maker Alessandro Randi, you can finally add it to your collection.


Luke’s hand, available from Codec Zombie’s site for $90 in a limited edition run of just 50 pieces, is actually the first in Alessandro’s Saber Cuts line which will eventually immortalize all the appendages severed from their owners by a lightsaber in the Star Wars films. If Jar Jar deserved a figure, why wouldn’t all those limbs? [Codec Zombie via Technabob]

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