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Star Wars Resistance Just Made Us Look at the Franchise in a Whole New Way

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

When you’re watching a Star Wars TV show or movie, it’s easy to think what’s happening on screen is the most important thing imaginable. What could be more important than defeating the Empire, becoming a Jedi, or crushing the First Order? Maybe nothing—but what you tend to forget is, while that may be important to some, it’s not important to all.


The third episode of Star Wars Resistance illustrated this beautifully. Titled “The Triple Dark,” the episode was primarily about Kaz learning to balance his roles as a mechanic and spy while also lending a hand to help the base against a pirate attack. In the midst of that, though, Kaz’s mentor Yeager explains to him that it’s best not to talk about the Resistance. Why?

“The average person doesn’t even know about the Resistance,” he says. “But it’s not the average person you need to be worried about.”


Yeager is telling Kaz if he mentions the Resistance, only those who are its enemies will find it noteworthy, so it’s not worth the risk. Most other people don’t know General Leia Organa has quietly formed a small band to oppose what they believe to be the massive threat of the First Order, against the wishes of the New Republic. Nor do they care. They just want to gamble on races and not think about that kind of heavy stuff.

And that, right there, makes you think of Star Wars in a totally new way. Important things are happening. Galaxy-changing things, in fact. But it’s a big, big universe. The majority of people who live in this galaxy far, far away don’t know or care about these people or what’s going on with them, even if it might impact them. Which, as a matter of fact, sounds pretty familiar to today’s political and cultural climate.

The episode ends with the first cameo of Captain Phasma, voiced by Gwendoline Christie, who is employing people to somehow try and take over the Colossus. She and her spies are definitely who Yeager would consider to not be average. Let’s hope Kaz keeps his mouth shut.