Star Wars Resistance Set for Season 2, and a New Trailer Makes Major Force Awakens Connections

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The back half of Star Wars Resistance season one starts January 13, and, in a new trailer, we see that the show is about to have a crossover with The Force Awakens.

Which, considering the show started only six months before The Force Awakens, isn’t that big of a shock, but it’s still very cool to see an animated version of a scene from the film. Check it out, along with the rest of the action-packed trailer.

So, obviously, Kaz and Torra are watching Hux’s speech just before Starkiller Base blows away the New Republic. We now know exactly when Resistance is taking place.


But, it doesn’t look like Kaz and the Aces are going to meet up with the Resistance just yet (though General Organa invites him). No, they have their own battle to fight, one for the liberation of the Colossus. This certainly suggests that, by season’s end, Kaz’s mission on the Colossus will be done and he can turn his attention to other things. Like maybe joining the Resistance in a more proper role.

And good news for those future tales. Star Wars Resistance has officially been picked up for a second season, starting in the fall. You have to think, by that point, maybe even events in seen The Last Jedi will be over as well, giving Resistance a potential glimpse into what’s coming in December with Episode IX.


We’ll have more on the return of Resistance soon.


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