Star Wars Simon Looks Like Vader and Plays the Imperial March Theme

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Even the phone in your pocket is capable of playing cutting-edge games, so why would you go back to Simon, that simple four-button electronic memory game that was popular back in the ‘80s? Because there’s a new Vader-shaped Star Wars version that plays the Imperial March, that’s why.

Star Wars Simon should really be called Darth Vader Simon as the new version of the classic game is shaped like the character’s iconic helmet. The shiny black plastic even adds another level of difficulty to the deceptively simple gameplay because you can’t see the color of the four buttons until they light up.

Available sometime next spring for $25, the Star Wars theme hasn’t only influenced Simon’s shape. Instead of just playing four random tones, as you repeat the seemingly random flashing pattern back to the game you’ll discover you’re actually playing John William’s memorable “Imperial March” theme from The Empire Strikes Back, accompanied by Vader’s sinister breathing in the background the entire time. It makes all the frustration that Simon is known for totally worth it.