Starck's AK47

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So, this has been floating around a bit, but as far as I can tell, has not been featured here, and by golly it should have been. From everyone's favorite designer, Philippe Stark (or S+arck, if you want to indulge him), come these simple lamps. Not just any simple lamps mind you, but as you can clearly see for yourselves, gold plated AK47-replica lamps.

Aside from the Kalashnikov, there are two other models: an M16 Lounge
Gun and a Beretta Bedside Gun, all part of Starck's "Gun" collection, presented to Flos at Milan's Salone de Mobile. Aside from their striking good looks, they're supposed to be covered in multiple layers of uh, fancy symbolism and meaning and such.

And I could, of course, tell you about that. Instead, I'll just tell you about the $1000 price tag. -DP


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