Stardust Is The Best Fantasy Movie You've Never Seen

Put simply, Stardust is the best movie no one has seen. It managed to slip under a bunch of people's noses, most likely because of its name (it does sound pretty cheesy). Fortunately for you, that means this little treasure is something you can discover now. I hope you like fantasy.


In the same tongue in cheek style of cult classic The Princess Bride, Stardust approaches fantasy knowing the cliches and tropes. And it does everything it can to make use of each and every one. The world Stardust takes place in is an awesome and well-developed one, where a small English town is bordered by a wall that separates our world from a fantasy world where all magical things are possible.

Directed by Matthew Vaughn, of Kick Ass fame, the film stars many of the actors that Vaughn worked with on his earliest (and best) films, like Layer Cake. But the real star of the show is Neil Gaiman, the famous comic book storyteller behind the original work–a novel also by the name Stardust, though it varies from the film. And if that doesn't tickle your fancy there's plenty else to watch. [Netflix]


Love this movie. De Niro is magnificent in it. And fabulous.