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Staring Directly at a Solar Eclipse Is Good Now, Actually

Image: Screengrab via Twitter
Image: Screengrab via Twitter

Scientists, the medical community and tech bloggers have been exhorting the public to only look at solar eclipses like the one on Monday with shielded glasses or other protective equipment, because skipping that step is probably one of the easiest ways to fry out your eyeballs known to science.


But after President Donald J. Trump looked directly at the partial eclipse despite the repeated exhortations of his aides on Monday, staring at eclipses is not only good now but “perhaps the most impressive thing any president has ever done,” according to Fox News’ Tucker Carlson.


Tucker seemed like he was joking. But all I know is that anyone with proof that I am not still tripping in a dorm room in the year 2009 and the past eight years have all been an illusion should shut the hell up, because they are lying.

[Andrew Kirell]

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Why is it you cannot look at an eclipse with naked eye?

Or is it a more generic “do not look at the sun with naked eye” given any time of the day? Or usually midday when it’s at its brightest?