State Dept Drops Lenovo, Cites Security Concerns

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In another brilliant move by the United States government, nearly 900 Lenovo computers have been removed due to security risks. The computers were planned to be on networks with access to highly classified information. No, they weren't removed because of flaws within the computer, but they were removed is because the US-China Economic and Security Review Commissions showed concern that these PCs could be used for espionage. Get more details after the jump.

Even worse, in January 2005 the US Treasury Department was actually asked to investigate the purchase of said Lenovo PCs prior to the purchase because of concerns from the Justice Department. They allowed the purchase to happen, maybe just to spite Americans by wasting more tax-payer money.


So, are they trying to say the potential spies are more likely to use Lenovo PCs for thievery rather than Apple or Gateway computers? Or rather, are Lenovo factory employees more likely to install espionage software before the machines get shipped? The State Department sure is talking a lot of techie smack.

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