Steam Car Breaks World Speed Record at 140mph

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They did it. A whooping 139.843mph. That's 225.06km/h in the right speed units. The UK team lead by Charles Burnett III broke the world record for steam cars, as you can see in the video.

The record—which was untouched since American Fred Marriot set it in 1906—was shattered at Edwards Air Force Base, in the Mojave Desert, California. According to the rules set by the Federation International Automobile, the car had to do two runs in opposite directions, with a maximum one hour interval between them. It was a tough one: The first try failed in August 19, when there was a problem with one of the car's turbine. Needless to say, Burnett was ecstatic:

I wouldn't like to leave it this close again, it was the last but one day we had to do this. It was absolutely fantastic I enjoyed every moment of it. The car really did handle beautifully. It is a privilege to be involved with such a talented crew, what we have achieved today is a true testament to British engineering, good teamwork and perseverance.


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